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Once I got used to it, however it took me nights , I found that it molding to the shape of my head was a huge sleep benefit. The Hullo also does a great job at controlling temperatures ; the movement of hulls helps to promote airflow. The first time I used The Hullo buckwheat pillow, I was coming off a hour work week and a long day of hiking with a friend in town. It was hard to know if I could have used a sweatshirt as a pillow and have also slept like a rock. Was I just exhausted, or did The Hullo actually make a difference?

It took me about three days to realize that yes— this pillow was helping. Regardless, I found that The Hullo molded really well to the shape of my head—more so than other buckwheat pillows. I never woke up in the middle of the night needing to readjust or flip it over, something I had to do every now and then with other buckwheat pillows.

I also learned they make great reading pillows!

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow Review

I propped my Hullo up when reading in bed before going to sleep. It works super well as a comfortable and supportive backrest versus trying to prop up two softer pillows. After reading a variety of other presumably consumer reviews about The Hullo Pillow, it was pretty easy to tell there there are more positive than negative reviews about this pillow.

It does take a slight adjustment getting used to it. It takes some getting used to so give it a few days before making a judgement. After about 5 days sleeping on one, became acclimated. Buckwheat has a nice smell to it. You can also add other scents such as lavender to the pillow as well. I really like the case for the Hullo pillow.

You can also get a Bucky pillow with an organic cover but I just think the Hullo is a bit more substantial. One advantage the Bucky pillow has over the Hullo is that the Bucky comes with extra buckwheat to adjust the level of firmness. Both of these pillows are fair priced. In conclusion the Hullow pillow is so far my favorite buckwheat pillow. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My first impressions began when picking up the box.

What Are Buckwheat Pillows? - Best Natural Pillow for Neck Alignment - Firm Support for Sleeping

I was surprised at how heavy it felt knowing that there was only one pillow inside. Upon opening, I sort of felt like I was wrestling an oversized rice bag out of the plastic, and the thought of how this could be a comfortable sleep surface truly passed through my mind.

Hullo Pillow Review

I have, however, learned that first impressions are truly not the best to go off to when it comes to personal comfort, and everything is worth a try. Although I can still smell it very slightly when I press my nose on the pillow, it is no longer unpleasant nor very noticeable. The key features and benefit claims of a comfort product are what you should pay particular attention to before making an investment; and, if possible, personal reviews like this one of each of these details.

This way you can better determine if this is something you may want to consider, especially if you have struggled with finding the perfect pillow in the past. Buckwheat is a seed grain native to Asian countries that serve as a staple fodder for animals, as well as a ground flour-like substance for making loaves of bread and other dishes. The seeds mature in a husk, which could be tossed aside as an organic refuse, but instead was found to be a useful filling for pillows and other comfort surface support. The durability, shape, and gentle give of the husks provide a unique feel to your sleep comfort, and I was truly surprised at how well it contoured under my weight and how easy it shaped to accommodate my head, neck, and shoulder.

A buckwheat hull filling is what makes these pillows what they are. Hullo uses American, organically grown buckwheat sources that are certified not to use herbicides or pesticides. They go through a rigorous cleaning process as well to ensure that no specks of dust, bugs, seeds, or chaffs are left behind before being used as a fill in the pillow.

The Hullo Pillow comes in three sizes- a small, standard, and king. The measurements concerning these are respectively 20 x 14 inches, 20 x 26 inches, which is an industry standard size pillow, and 20 x 36 inches, as an industry king size measurement.

It became very clear to me that these pillows are traditionally small for a reason. The buckwheat hulls, although responsive to your weight and shape, do work best when manipulated to your personal comfort. In my opinion, the larger the pillow, the more hulls you have to move around and manipulate, and although I did find the pillow comfortable, I would have appreciated less surface area to sleep upon. The company claims they use approximately 1 pound of husks for cubic inches of volume. Since a standard pillow measures right around 20 x 26 x 3 inches total when full, this translates to approximately.

So my pillow should weigh in right around 7.

114 minutes

Hullo follows the traditional adjustable design of these pillows that also provides the opportunity to refresh your husks for a longer lasting experience. This allows you to remove hulls as needed to provide personalization, as well as the opportunity for a wider range of sleep positions to take advantage of the pillow. I found the pillow was very comfortable as a side sleeping choice as is, but decided to play with the comfort of this by removing about 10 cups of filling since I did find the pillow to be rather large.

This actually made it an even better surface for me overall, and it prompted me to play with the filling for different sleep positions that I described below. The edges and shapes of the hulls, combined with the fact they are a harder material, dictates that the casing that holds them is equally as durable and thick to avoid a thinning and wear-and-tear of the fabric.

I found this case to be well made with durable, well-sewn seams and a heavy duty zipper that can easily handle the weight of the husks within the pillow. The casing was thick and despite my concerns that I would feel the little bumps and ridges of the husks, these were quickly put to rest the first time I placed my hand on the pillow. Buckwheat hulls are uniquely shaped with a smooth curve and inner cupped surface. When compressed, they do provide a gentle give but are durable enough to keep their shape, meaning the air between each is allowed to stay present rather than be pressed out.

These air pockets promote excellent airflow and breathability, allowing the pillow to stay refreshed and cool through the night.

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Plus, the harder shell-like texture of the husk keeps them from absorbing or reflecting heat. Buckwheat husks are considered aromatic, and I, as I described beforehand, was able to detect a noticeable scent upon opening the original packaging- which I figured may have been stronger than normal due to being encased in a non-porous plastic wrapping. Although I personally did not find the smell pleasant, it is considered a relaxing, calming scent to many people. After airing the pillow out for a few days, I could barely discern the scent and no longer found it overwhelming or offensive and slept easy upon it.

If Buckwheat hulls get wet, they can be dried out pretty easily, but you most definitely do not wash this entire pillow. The weight alone would probably knock your machines out of balance permanently, plus you run the risk of completely ruining the entire investment.

Sweet Dreams

Luckily, the casing is machine washable and dryable, and it is incredibly easy to remove your husks for cleaning.