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Brands are also questioning the long-term commercial viability of using deal sites to drive a large proportion of their sales, as they are bearing the cost of both the discount and the commission. Many daily deals players themselves are faltering as their growth and profitability are not fast enough for their investors. Naturally, brands and consumers are questioning whether daily deals really do have a future. The key to standing out is capturing consumer imagination with ownable and unique propositions, beyond discounts, and relevance: correctly targeted, from brands that consumers trust and want, and readily accessible via whatever channel the customer chooses.

Obviously Barclaycard identified the potential in this evolving market, but the challenge for Bespoke Offers is and will continue to be how to avoid further saturating the market with a me-too proposition.

Barclaycard closes its Bespoke Offers daily deals website

Barclays has spend-based insight via Barclaycard, which serves over half the UK debit and credit market. Barclaycard launched the programme with a multi-million pound ATL campaign garnering a lot of attention and promising personal relevance. In practice however, there is limited personalisation or sense of exclusivity and the targeting is more confused than intelligent - I was offered Toilet Tummy Cistern Pack alongside a discounted diamond ring.

And while the launch partners are recognised and trusted brands, the majority of the offers are underwhelming and can be found elsewhere and in many cases on the daily deals sites that Barclaycard seeks to distance itself from and provide an "antidote to". Additionally, according to Moneywise News May , consumers also have to spend significantly or jump through hoops to redeem many of the offers featured.

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Bespoke Offers must evolve into something more distinctive with credible USPs and tangible value, otherwise the programme will get lost in the mire. I can only assume that Barclays, who also recently launched the innovative and extremely successful Pingit, is only just getting started and the best is yet to come.

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Differentiation and looking forward. Deals, offers and discounts are now offered by a multitude of providers, from daily deal specialists, to service providers, to sports clubs and supermarkets.

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Players must be clear of what their primary objectives are and work backwards from there. Is it retention and customer value, or revenue they seek to maximise? As for customers, Barclaycard has insisted all purchases made through the sites before Monday would be honoured. Any transactions that have occurred but not yet been fulfilled will of course be honoured. Share this article.

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