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When used, the Big Cat Celebration shop will pop up where you can buy various items using the Voucher as currency. Take note though that you can only buy a limited amount per item type. Throughout the event, we can receive a total of Big Cat Celebration Vouchers :. Players will receive 20 Big Cat Celebration Voucher at every day. You can claim it from the Mail. The Archangel series costumes will have 10 times more chances to be drawn for a limited time only.

Note: You can only have one character who can receive the double rewards under your account so choose wisely! Lastly, during the event Kafra Transportation and Stash Services are free! Why did the X2 donate rewards transfer from my main to my alt? Get Monster Resistance from the Messenger.

Step 0. Get Your Assistant. Once the function is unlocked, personal assistants can be found in the Prontera Castle, north of Prontera. If you haven't already, make sure you get your assistant as soon as the option unlocks and displays on your quest window.

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Some common daily tasks which are not listed in this guide include: Using up minutes of fatigue time. Killing one player in the arena. Your assistant also rewards you with 5 intimacy points for each daily task you complete; for a max stack of per day.

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The rewards for reaching certain intimacy levels are as follows:. Note: Rewards are locked account-wide so no 3X rewards. Intimacy, however, can be raised by all characters on the same account. Your pet usually gifts you with Adventure Meatballs from time to time but the display icon for when you can collect meatballs is currently bugged so it's a matter of clicking your pet at random intervals. Holy Grails allow instant rift finish, Mission Board Tickets completes mission board quests immediately and Endless Tower Tickets ET is unlocked at level 52 lets you and your party skip the lower levels if you've finished them before and immediately start from where you left off the past week rounded to multiples of Fantasy Generator Feast - Used for monthly gacha events.

Loots depend on the current event and require 30 tickets for each shuffle. Another use for assistants is their market trend function, allowing players to watch the economy and figure out which items are currently on demand and which ones are losing gains.

Step 1. Listen To Music Most people spend their music idling here since its a public venue and you can freely listen to the music other players load into the Music Box. Of course, a CD should be loaded into the music player for it to play music. View of a loaded Music Box. For every minute spent listening to the Music Box read: music must be loaded , your maximum stamina for the day will be increased by 1 minute for a max of 60 minutes minutes total each day.

Take note that reaching minutes of play time before listening to music nulls the bonus 60 minutes. If you've been playing the game for a while or just started to play, you'll soon be realizing that like all other mobile games out there, stamina or fatigue plays a big role in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. When you go over minutes easy to accomplish with Lightning Chain as it doubles the rates and halves minutes to minutes the rates will drop down continuously until it reaches minutes where grinding reaches a standstill.

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Tip: At minutes or mins of gameplay, XP is still satisfactory until it reaches mins when the curve suddenly drops exponentially. Location of Lucky Shop in Prontera. There are shops in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that have a daily limit for purchases done each day. This NPC sells crafting materials that cost Eden Coins actual price depends on the material itself, ie.

It's a good idea, at least for me, to buy all available mats and keep these in hand as I never know when I need them. All sold out! I usually buy all available mats from the shop since I have no other use for Eden Coins, aside from Headgear Blueprints from Smile Assistance.

Mathematics: If you can, you can also compare the amount of zeny you're getting for each Eden Coin you're spending and only buy stuff that's cheaper on the Lucky Shop than the Exchange. Something along the lines of: 10 Jellopies is z each on the Exchange. Note: Follow this only if you're sure you've got extra Eden Coins.

I'm not so sure how spending these much Eden Coins from the start might affect me once I hit the later levels. Tip: Unlock your alt accounts and get 3x visits to the Lucky Shop. Materials depend on the level of your character. Step 3. Do Cuisine Dailies.

'Ragnarok M: Eternal Love' Dailies Guide ~ Saint's Guide To Everything

You can also opt to only buy ingredients for recipes that you've decided to focus on. Check your Adventure Book for food bonuses. Completing Dwight's daily cooking quest. He will list the ingredients needed for the recipe he requires in case you haven't unlocked it. He will reward you with Cooking XP and food items. Lastly, maxing out your food buffs everytime it expires. This will raise your Taste Level which will then allow you to stack more food buffs at higher levels, ie. Entrance to Cuisine Association through the Prontera Castle.

Alternative entrance through the left side of Prontera Castle, top-left of Prontera map. Chef's Eagle Eye has a daily limit of 5 purchases. Start buying them now so that you don't have to worry about the future when you start farming for your needed food ingredients. Endgame food items or "Original Will" 5-star food add a bunch of bonus stats to your player and anything that ups your damage and survivability is always a good thing. Also, food items cooked by players are non-tradeable.

It's every man for himself and I think that it's a good idea to start stocking up on ingredients for an easier time at higher levels. Cooking "Original Will" items need a high cooking level as well as experience cooking the items themselves. The game tracks each and every food you make and gives you experience for that particular item whenever you successfully create one.

It's also a nice way of leveling up your adventure experience as you unlock more recipes. There's usually a quest mark above him, had already done mine for the day. Note: Your Adventure Handbook is your bestest friend and tutorial in this game. Every info you need about food items are listed here, though, you'll have to unlock the recipe first before it lists the food's ingredients. It does show you an overview of what recipe tables you should focus on read: stats they give you once you start your cooking journey.

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Warning: Cooking mats are limited account wide. Step 4. Pet Labor and Adventure Meatballs. You can get a total of five stacks of Adventure Meatballs throughout the day if it doesn't already give you all of it after reset.

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Pet Labor requires the least amount of attention as you only need to check it once or twice each day preferably before accepting Monster Resistance in case you get Base Potions that level you up. The quest to obtain your free Poring unlocks at level 30 or at least for me it unlocked at level 30, though, I assume if you're rich you can buy a taming item from the Exchange and get a pet as early as level 1. The quest to obtain Pet Labor unlocks around ish too, I think, where you're just required to get your pet to intimacy level 3.