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When used, the Big Cat Celebration shop will pop up where you can buy various items using the Voucher as currency. Take note though that you can only buy a limited amount per item type. Throughout the event, we can receive a total of Big Cat Celebration Vouchers :. Players will receive 20 Big Cat Celebration Voucher at every day. You can claim it from the Mail. The Archangel series costumes will have 10 times more chances to be drawn for a limited time only.

Note: You can only have one character who can receive the double rewards under your account so choose wisely! Lastly, during the event Kafra Transportation and Stash Services are free! Why did the X2 donate rewards transfer from my main to my alt? Get Monster Resistance from the Messenger.

Step 0. Get Your Assistant. Once the function is unlocked, personal assistants can be found in the Prontera Castle, north of Prontera. If you haven't already, make sure you get your assistant as soon as the option unlocks and displays on your quest window.

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Some common daily tasks which are not listed in this guide include: Using up minutes of fatigue time. Killing one player in the arena. Your assistant also rewards you with 5 intimacy points for each daily task you complete; for a max stack of per day.

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The rewards for reaching certain intimacy levels are as follows:. Note: Rewards are locked account-wide so no 3X rewards. Intimacy, however, can be raised by all characters on the same account. Your pet usually gifts you with Adventure Meatballs from time to time but the display icon for when you can collect meatballs is currently bugged so it's a matter of clicking your pet at random intervals. Holy Grails allow instant rift finish, Mission Board Tickets completes mission board quests immediately and Endless Tower Tickets ET is unlocked at level 52 lets you and your party skip the lower levels if you've finished them before and immediately start from where you left off the past week rounded to multiples of Fantasy Generator Feast - Used for monthly gacha events.

Loots depend on the current event and require 30 tickets for each shuffle. Another use for assistants is their market trend function, allowing players to watch the economy and figure out which items are currently on demand and which ones are losing gains.