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Benchpoint offers you premium features at a much lower price because it is built specifically for startups and small businesses. Free Signup No credit card required. The minimalistic design of the dashboard offers your sales team a clear visualization of all the deals being processed and makes sales pipeline management a breeze. Get critical insights of how the deal is flowing by efficient lead management and lead scoring.

Check out the deals won and lost at the click of a button and stay on top of your sales process.

Identify stagnant sales areas where the movement is slow and work on it ensuring that the sales pipeline is not clogged. See Features.

Learn what works for your business and increase sales conversion. Deliver top quality content and build meaningful relationships with your prospects. Select different channels suited to your audience and increase your sales by converting them at in-person events. Collect insights and data to deliver the best experience and guarantee recurring attendance on your event.

Avoid no-shows by using the correct communication tool for your prospects. Manage all your attendees with filters and dashboards, integrated right with your company's org chart, security and brand. Our CMS also includes your event budget, schedule, speakers, sponsors, ads and much more. Capture information using powerful mobile and web forms, with integrations Salesforce, Marketo, etc , multiple invites, dynamic websites, spreadsheets, RSVP, SMS and email lists.

Create a customized event app with tools for interaction, automation and engagement, uniting your employees, attendees, speakers or sponsors.

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However, deal management features are available with the free plan, which allow you to create and track deals within the CRM. The generous customer support is one of the things that sets Freshsales free version apart from the rest. Other providers, like HubSpot, offer less robust, low-touch support for customers on their free plans. You have access to the mobile app with the free plan, which allows you to make and log calls on the go. It also allows you to schedule follow-up activities and add them to your calendar. You can even locate nearby contacts and arrange a ride with Uber to their location.

It is missing project management tools to help you engage with new customers once deals are closed. If these features are important to your business, consider tools like HubSpot for chat or Insightly. Freshsales users love the software because they find it easy to use, get great support, and includes basic email features and built-in phone integration. Any dislikes fall under the category of minor glitches or that the system can sometimes be slow. For more information on reviews, see our Freshsales CRM review page.

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Its call recording features are great for remembering conversations and for evaluating calling techniques. Visit Freshsales today to try these tools yourself by signing up for free here. Visit Freshsales. HubSpot offers a robust free CRM for sales teams with tools that include contact management, live chat, conversational bots, and social media lead ads while also supporting an unlimited number of users.

HubSpot gives users the option to build on its core free features with paid versions of additional products focused on marketing, sales, and service. This makes it a good option if you want a free CRM with built-in conversational chat bots. Users find HubSpot easy to use with a user interface that looks and functions much like Gmail.

There is also no technical setup and the pipeline has drag-and-drop features that make updates simple.

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In addition, HubSpot also offers several tutorials in their online knowledge base, called the HubSpot Academy, to help users make the most out of the product. HubSpot free CRM core features include lead and contact management, a visual drag-and-drop pipeline, and marketing features designed to support acquiring leads and developing relationships such as conversational chatbots. For more information on chatbot software, read our article on the best free live chat software.

Other specific features include call integration, lead scoring, a mobile app, and automatic contact enrichment. The free CRM includes automatic contact enrichment. This saves time from manual research and data entry. Like Freshsales, it also offers lead scoring, which allows salespeople to focus on the most important leads. These features are similar to other providers, but HubSpot uses its own data to enrich contacts.

Phone integration allows you to connect a voice-over-internet-protocol VoIP or a desk phone to the CRM to make and log calls.