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When discussing breast cancer surgeries with SurvivorNet in general, Dr. Elizabeth Comen, an oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, said that sometimes women with early stage breast cancer opt to have a double mastectomy because they want to reduce the chance that any cancer will be left over after the operation.

In addition to the emotional decision to have her breasts removed, Amy also shared with SurvivorNet that she and her husband were trying to have a child at the time she was diagnosed — and cancer put a stop to those plans. She had to go on Tamoxifen — which left her with side-effects of menopause. Amy already has two daughters from her first marriage, and three step-sons from her marriage with Andrew, but the two were hoping to have a child together. But with all the bad that came with her cancer diagnosis, Amy is now focusing on the good in her life.

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Please sign in to save videos. Highly personal, the book is a quick and uplifting read for patients, survivors, and those around them. Roberts overcame the challenge of being treated not only for breast cancer but also for a rare blood disorder that required her to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Marc and Maya decided to write a book to help families through the process.

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